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Remove Backdoor.Tidserv

Friday, March 23rd 2012 under Security by

Backdoor.Tidserv is a parasite, which belongs to the large group of Trojan infections. Furthermore, it is a member of the group of Trojans called Backdoor Trojans, because it establishes a connection between the infected computer and a remote server, thus providing cyber criminals with access to the user’s data.

There is a number of strategies, exploited by hackers in order to transmit the Backdoor.Tidserv infection. To start with – compromised websites. Mere clicking through a hacked website may lead to the download of Backdoor.Tidserv. Therefor, users must be very cautious when browsing. For the purpose of entering machines, the Trojan makes use of security loop-holes, which are mainly present due to outdated software. For this reason, security researchers recommend keeping all your programs updated. Furthermore, downloading the updates from the official websites of the products is extremely important.

The second hiding place that Backdoor.Tidserv uses are, in fact, malicious downloads from fishy websites. This is also the main reason for recommending the official websites of applications as the best place to get an update from. In many cases, Backdoor.Tidserv comes bundled with files, which may even be legitimate, but downloaded from the wrong place. In these instances, the user is not even aware that there is a virus, coming with the needed program or update.

Though the Trojan’s primary task is to create a backdoor port via which its creators gain access to the infected machine, Backdoor.Tidserv also performs a variety of other malicious tricks. It may modify a number of Windows system tools – this is the malware’s prevention strategy. Via it, Backdoor.Tidserv makes the user unable to eliminate it or to start a scan of the system with an anti-virus vendor. What makes Backdoor.Tidserv especially sneaky is the fact that it works undisturbed on the background. The user does not suspect that there is a virus in the machine, because Backdoor.Tidserv does not uncover itself in any way and the compromised system does not show any signs of an infection. The only visible sign that there is something wrong with the PC may be the not-responding anti-virus program.

Apart from keeping all your programs updated and avoiding suspicious websites, running full, regular scans of your computer system may be the key to preventing your PC from being victimized by Backdoor.Tidserv. If the malware is removed on time, it will cause much less trouble. There is probably no need to say that by gaining access to a user’s private data hackers might exploit it in a number of malicious ways. Sometimes, a Backdoor.Tidserv infection has even led to identity theft.

To put it in a nutshell, Backdoor.Tidserv has been invented by cyber criminals with the only intention of making a profit out of obtaining your personal information. The sooner you get rid of Backdoor.Tidserv, the less chance it would have to establish a connection with its creators and pose a risk to your sensitive data. Run a full scan of your system now and eliminate any chance for a Backdoor.Tidserv infection.

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